Xiaomi POCO C40 exposure: the new SoC support is neither Qualcomm nor MediaTek

POCO is a cell phone brand created by Xiaomi overseas, POCO F and X series are positioned in the mid to high-end, POCO M and C series are positioned in the entry, they are similar to Redmi, both focus on high cost performance, now a new POCO will debut soon. April 15 news, according to XDA reports, Xiaomi POCO C40 obtained FCC certification, model number C3QP, because the model number and The model number is similar to the Redmi 10C (Redmi 10C model number C3Q), and was initially thought to be the Redmi 10C with a different name.

However, developer kacskrz found that the processor of Xiaomi POCO C40 is not the same as that of Redmi 10C. The former uses a chip named JR510, which is neither Qualcomm nor MediaTek, but a chip developed by Tiling Technology, while the latter Redmi 10C is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chip.

Notably, the Xiaomi POCO C40 runs a new version of MIUI called MIUI Go, which is specifically built for entry-level phones with less than 4GB of RAM.

According to XDA, the Xiaomi POCO C40 will be available for sale in Europe and other overseas markets.

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