XiaoMI Paper G1 chip detailed explanation: electric vehicle battery management system on the phone

This morning, the official account of Xiaomi announced that the Mi 12S Ultra will be equipped with two self-developed chips, the MI Paper P1 and the MI Paper G1.

The Paper G1 is a new, homegrown chip from Xiaomi, which officials say draws on the BMS (battery management System), one of the core technologies in electric vehicles, to monitor battery safety in real-time at the millisecond level, achieve the industry's most accurate battery life prediction, and effectively improve the phone's battery life.

Xiaomi also released a long picture detailing the uses of the Paper G1 chip, which is divided into battery health, accurate prediction, and battery life improvement.

Battery health refers to the device's ability to monitor the slight changes (ISP) of internal materials caused by falls and collisions, dynamically analyze the reasonable temperature range (SOA) of batteries in charging and heavy load scenarios based on the temperature rise model, and provide battery maintenance functions to extend battery life according to the health of the battery.

Accurate prediction is based on the user's usage status and habits, "minute level" prediction, accuracy is much higher than Android built-in prediction function.

In terms of battery life improvement, The paper G1 can precisely adapt the discharge curve characteristics of silicon oxygen anode, dynamically adjust the discharge state (DTPT), and improve the overall battery life by 3-5%.

Xiaomi12S Ultra has fast wired charging and wireless charging with the combination of silicon oxygen negative battery, The paper P1 and the Paper G1, making it Xiaomi's longest-running digital flagship phone ever.

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