Xiaomi Mi tablet 5 series update MIUI 13 stable version

Today, January 14, according to Xiaomi Tablet official microblogging news, "Xiaomi Tablet 5 series MIUI13 stable version, now fully updated, large screen more efficient! Global free windows, free flow of information applications, better shortcuts, large-screen application adaptations, bringing more powerful productivity to the tablet."

For users with Xiaomi Tablet 5 series and stable version, you can upgrade directly in the settings by clicking "My Device" in About this device.

It is understood that after updating MIUI 13, Xiaomi Tablet 5 series can open small windows by dragging and dropping the icon in the taskbar in the application, and support free scaling of multi-scale windows, dragging and dropping the bottom corner of the application inward to open small windows easily in one step.

Not only that, MIUI 13 also updates the new system font - MiSans, and optimizes the horizontal adaptation effect of 3000 commonly used applications.

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