Xiaomi Mi tablet 5 series officially pushed MIUI 13: the new Xiaomi Share

At the end of last month, Xiaomi brought Xiaomi 12 series and MIUI 13, together with the release of MIUI 13 for Pad version, which also brought Xiaomi Share feature.

Now, MIUI 13 has been officially pushed to Xiaomi Tablet 5 series. By logging into the same account for both phone and tablet, you can enjoy the effect of Internet of everything, allowing seamless flow of both data and applications and closer connection between devices.

In addition, the new version of the system also optimizes the horizontal screen adaptation effect of 3000 commonly used applications, making large screen applications more efficient.

Xiaomi Mi Tablet 5 series MIUI 13 stable version update is as follows.


Optimize the landscape adaptation of 3000 popular applications, making large-screen applications more efficient

Xiaomi Share

With the new function of Xiaomi Share, cell phone and tablet can automatically connect and experience the application and data by logging in the same Xiaomi account.

Seamless flow

New application flow, through the tablet taskbar, continue to use mobile applications in the tablet

New verification code flow, the phone received the verification code, in the tablet directly paste use

New photo transfer, photos taken by phone will be automatically transferred to the tablet

New hotspot transfer, support tablet to connect to mobile hotspot with one key

New support for clipboard interoperability, copy at any end of the phone or tablet, the other end can be directly pasted

When inserting pictures into notes, you can add them by taking pictures with your phone.

To use the photo streaming feature, you need to upgrade MIUI+ to the latest version in the app store of your phone and tablet.

Xiaomi Miuxiang will be upgraded later, please refer to MIUI official website for more details.

Free Window

New global taskbar, drag and drop the icon to open a small window in the app.

New support for multi-scale window free zoom, more convenient and efficient

Added support for opening two windows at the same time to meet the needs of more scenarios

New support for dragging the bottom corner of the application inward to open small windows in one step

Stylus and keyboard

New click the keyboard task key to call out the global task bar

New double-click the keyboard task key to quickly cut the recent tasks

New support for customizing system shortcut keys

Add support for customizing the combination of shortcut keys to start specific applications

Privacy protection

New incognito mode, open to disable all recording, positioning and photo permissions

System font design

New system font MiSans, clear vision, comfortable reading

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