Xiaomi Mi MIX FOLD 2/Redmi K50 series of new products pre-installed MIUI 13

Xiaomi has two new flagships that have been approved for the network, namely the Xiaomi Mi MIX FOLD 2 and the Redmi K50 series, both of which come with MIUI 13 pre-installed.

However, Digital Gossip Station revealed that the UX style of the latest beta version of MIUI 13 is closer to MIUI 14, which means MIUI 14 will bring a new design.

In MIUI 13, MIUI added a large number of widgets, using these rich and diverse widget combinations, you can create a personalized desktop, so that the phone interface presents a different style language. It is expected that MIUI 14 will continue this design tone and open up more personalized features.

In addition, another big expectation of MIUI 14 is the Internet of Everything. On MIUI 13, MIUI added MyoXuan Center, which will make the content flow between the phone and other devices easier and faster.

When the phone and tablet are in the same LAN, applications opened on the phone, photos taken, and even verification codes will be synchronized and pop up on the tablet in a small window, and you can continue to operate directly on the tablet.

When using the watch, it is also able to use content flow to display richer information. For example, navigation flow, you can view the directions directly on the watch; taxi and incoming call information, you can also jump directly to the dial to complete.

Looking ahead to MIUI 14, the new system will connect more smart devices and realize multi-screen collaboration.

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