Xiaomi has planned three new cars: the first hybrid model internal code name “Kunlun”

Xiaomi's first car entered the fifth stage of production line validation (PT5) at its Yizhuang factory last week, according to Chinese media reports.

The factory is going to accomplish the goal of loading 300 cars in December, which is several times more than November, and the increase in production is not to open mass production in December, but mainly to supply the terminal show car needs.

xiaomi has planned three new cars the first hybrid model internal code name kunlun

And, millet has planned three models, and the power is more than pure electric.

After the first car Modena (SU7) next year, Xiaomi will also release a pure electric model internally codenamed "Le Mans", and Xiaomi's third new car project "Kunlun" is already in the design.

Unlike the previous two, Xiaomi's Kunlun project will be planned as a hybrid model, and no conclusions can be drawn as to whether it will be a "range-extender" or a "plug-in hybrid" as the car is still in the design phase.

In addition, the report revealed that the basic framework of millet car sales system has been basically built.

At the same time, due to the huge size of the millet car, millet will put some millet ecological chain on the less important products, in the car into the field after the successive withdrawal of millet home stores.

According to the previously exposed news, millet car first model "millet SU7" has officially completed the declaration, is expected to be listed in 2024.

At present millet car models have been determined, with the same four versions of cell phones, namely the standard version, Pro version, Max version, there is also a track version (will not be sold in bulk), the price is concentrated in 19-30 million yuan.

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