Xiaomi car core information revealed! SU7 final version may have four

Xiaomi car is about to be released tonight at 19:00, the current millet car officially announced the configuration of two versions, respectively, millet SU7 standard version and MAX.

However, according to domestic media reports, in an APP's "car inquiry" function, accidentally saw the display of millet SU7 four versions of the model, respectively, the ordinary version, Pro version, Max version and Founders Edition limited edition.

According to the report, the appearance and size of these four versions are basically the same, the height of the two lower models is 1,455mm, 15mm higher than the two higher models, the main difference is still in the battery and motor.

Both the Regular and Pro Editions use a single motor with rear-mounted rear drive, with total motor power and torque of 220kW and 400N.m respectively for the Regular Edition, and 275kW and 438N.m respectively for the Pro Edition.

The Max Edition and Founders Edition Limited Edition adopt dual-motor four-wheel drive, with total motor power and torque of 495kW and 838N.m for the Max Edition, and acceleration time of 2.78 seconds for 100 kilometers.

The Founders Edition Limited Edition has a motor with a maximum horsepower of more than 1,000Ps and a 100km acceleration time of just 1.98 seconds.

Both high end models are powered by Ningde Times' lithium ternary batteries, with the Max Edition CLTC having a range of 800 kilometers, while the Founders Edition Limited Edition has a range of 700 kilometers.

It should be noted, however, that vehicle information is still subject to tonight's launch.

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