Xiaomi Auto official website online: the first car SU7 official debut

According to the official news of millet, the official website of millet automobile is officially online, the URL is:


In the home page of the official website of millet car, millet listed SU7, super motor, high pressure platform, super large die casting, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and other several plates.

It is reported that Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a C-level high-performance eco-technology sedan, with Gulf blue, elegant gray, olive green and other colors.

The reason why I chose to do sedan, Lei Jun explained, sedan is the "spirit of the times" of the automotive industry, millet chose the first car for the sedan, because it is harder to do a sedan than a SUV, millet chose the most difficult road.

Millet SU7 length 4997mm, wheelbase 3000mm, height 1440m, equipped with millet ningde era electric core, battery capacity 101kWh, support 800V super fast charging, charging 5 minutes range 220km, CLTC range 800km.

In terms of safety, the Xiaomi SU7 vehicle design is sturdy and stable, the passive safety system is comprehensive and reliable, the innovative armor cage steel and aluminum hybrid body design, and the four core structural components are all strengthened.

90.1% of the proportion of high strength steel and aluminum alloy, 2000MPa highest strength, 51000N-m/deg torsional stiffness, 40 collision tests passed at a high standard, and the data standards are industry leading.

It is worth noting that this conference is a car pre-launch, millet SU7 in mass production climbing, the first half of next year officially released.

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