Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro full specifications revealed

Xiaomi 13 series official release, but also some time to wait patiently.

However, based on the official preview content, in fact, a lot of information has surfaced, and there are even "warriors" stole the Xiaomi 13 Pro demo of the real machine, the new shape and MIUI 14 system can be seen.

xiaomi 13 xiaomi 13 pro full specifications revealedFigure is suspected Xiaomi 13 Pro demo machine

A few days ago, two Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro spec sheets appeared online, the core parameters jumped to the fore. Of course, the final can sit how much, but also wait for Lei Jun at the launch to reveal.

xiaomi 13 xiaomi 13 pro full specifications revealed 1

The burst chart shows that Xiaomi 13 with 6.36-inch E6 straight screen, 1080P resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, rear 23mm main camera IMX800, with 4500mAh battery + Surge G1 charging chip, support 67W wired, 50W wireless and 10W reverse fast charging, body thickness 7.98mm, weight 189g.

xiaomi 13 xiaomi 13 pro full specifications revealed 2

Xiaomi 13 Pro replaced with 6.73-inch E6 2K 120Hz display, 1920Hz PWM dimming, the main camera is 1-inch large base IMX989, battery capacity 4820mAh, 120W wired + 50W wireless fast charging, thickness 8.38mm, ceramic version weighs 229g.

Although it is the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 support features, this time there is no mention of ultrasonic fingerprint, Wi-Fi 7 support, it seems likely to be absent.

xiaomi 13 xiaomi 13 pro full specifications revealed 3

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