Xiaomi 13 battery life surpasses iPhone 14 Pro Max

Regarding Xiaomi 13, Lei Jun confirmed on Weibo that this time it is equipped with a 4500mAh new generation silicon oxygen negative battery and a breakthrough in packaging technology.

The official DOU endurance test results show that Xiaomi 13 can last 1.37 days, surpassing the competing iPhone 14's 0.98 days and iPhone 14 Pro Max's 1.28 days.

xiaomi 13 battery life surpasses iphone 14 pro max

Lei Jun also said that if the smartphone range can not break through 2 days, DOU is not more than 1.2 is enough? It needs to be charged every day anyway. I've been forcing our R&D team to figure out how to break through 2 days of battery life!

Although Xiaomi 13 is a small screen flagship that takes care of thinness and grip, Lei Jun pointed out that it is too easy to make the battery capacity bigger and make the phone wider and thicker. But in Xiaomi 13 width, thickness and grip, to do 4500mAh will be difficult, while ensuring excellent battery life will be even more difficult, this is a little insight of these three years of high-end exploration: "from the leading parameters to experience first"!

After checking, the DOU battery life of Xiaomi 12 is 1.07 days, and Xiaomi 12S is 1.24 days. It seems that after solving the problem of one day a charge, Xiaomi is taking the next step towards two days a charge.

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