Xiaomi 12 first real picture announced

Xiaomi has previously officially announced that a new conference will be held on December 28 to launch a new generation of flagship models —— Xiaomi 12 series.

Early this morning the official began to preview the screen information, has announced a number of information, it is now known that the entire system uses a double-curved design, the front camera for the center of the hole, the rendering looks good view, but for the final effect there are still some doubts.

Just now, Xiaomi 12's product manager Wei Siqi finally released the first actual pictures of the new machine, showing the screen of Xiaomi 12 in a positive light.

From the actual picture, the curvature of the curved screen of Xiaomi 12 is very restrained, basically a slightly curved feeling, the whole is similar to 2.5D, only a small part of the screen display area in the curved range, and the width of the upper and lower bezel is basically the same width state, the overall visual is very comfortable.

In addition, the R angle previously criticized by some users in the Xiaomi 11 series is finally normal, after the elimination of the four curved surface, the screen and the bezel basically remain the same, coupled with the front camera centered on the hole, the left and right is completely symmetrical effect, a glance looks significantly more beautiful than the previous generation.

It is worth mentioning that on this actual picture of Xiaomi 12, it also shows the actual VC even heat plate size inside the phone, which can be clearly seen that a lot of effort has been put into heat dissipation, and if it can eventually hold down the new Snapdragon 8, it will bring a very good experience in terms of performance.

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