Xiaomi 12 cut 2K screen: power consumption is too large

This morning, Xiaomi made a wave of previews for the 12 series screen, announcing that Xiaomi 12 has received DisplayMate A+ grade certification, and is also the first phone to receive 15 new screen records.

These data indicate that the Xiaomi 12 series screen will be better than its predecessor and will be a top OLED screen in the industry, which will provide a better experience in daily use, gaming, and audio and video.

But it should be noted that the official also announced a very, very sorry thing, 2K screen is gone.

After Lei Jun revealed that the Xiaomi 12 screen received A+ certification, product manager Wei Siqi came out to reveal the details, confirming the news that had been rumored many times before, Xiaomi 12 did not choose 2k screen.

Wei Siqi said that the screen is one of the three major components of the phone, but also one of the electric tiger, in the small size of the body, the flagship processor support, there is still a very big challenge for power consumption.

She stressed, "For a better battery life experience, Xiaomi 12 did not choose 2k screen, but also gave you a very good choice of flagship screen: high PPI, 10bit color depth, high contrast ratio, 16000 level brightness adjustment, GGV protective glass ..... The cost is also very expensive."

You know, previously in the Xiaomi 11 series but the entire series of three standard with the same level of 2K high brush screen, this reduction makes many users who care about the screen feel some unacceptable.

However, it should be noted that Wei Siqi did not mention that Xiaomi 12 is the entire system to cancel 2K screen, as the top version, Xiaomi 12 Pro should still be equipped with 2K screen, and will also support LTPO adaptive refresh rate, similar to the iPhone 13 Pro series, is a real high-end product specifications, can look forward to.

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