Windows Settings Tweak: Changing the Default Browser No Longer Pushes Edge

After being listed as a "gatekeeper" by the European Union, Microsoft recently announced several carefully designed measures to ensure compliance with the DMA regulations.

These include the ability to disable Bing in Windows search, the ability for European users to uninstall the Edge browser, and a measure that applies not only to European users, but also to users outside of Europe.

Microsoft said that it will adjust Windows to change the default browser settings so that it no longer prominently promotes the Edge browser, but instead treats it equally with browsers like Google Chrome.

Previously, when Windows 10 and Windows 11 users change their default browser, Microsoft will display the words "Recommended Apps/Selected Apps" in the pop-up switching window, and highlights its own Edge browser.

It also said that the browser from Microsoft can provide richer online features to meet the diversified needs of users, while Chrome, Firefox and other browsers do not have these treatments.

But now, all browsers are treated equally and no additional content will be displayed, and the change applies to users outside of Europe as well.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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