Windows 11 new search UI is comeing

Win11 system search has been revised, the new UI is now available to all users. The new Win11 search comes with a feature called "Search highlights," which highlights new content such as illustrations and events, as well as trending topics on Bing.

This search highlights feature is provided by Bing and is constantly updated to give users access to new information and popular content. On World Penguin Day, for example, the search screen displays penguin-related events, while the search panel highlights holidays and other events around the world and in the user's region.

Microsoft says it wants to provide users with rich, bold and interactive content through Windows Search. The Search highlights feature will be further enhanced in the coming months and will further share interesting illustrations from Bing to help users discover new events, keep users connected and increase productivity.

If you don't like this feature, you can turn it off from Windows Settings. When turned off, Windows Search will display Bing's quick searches and suggested apps.

As you can see in the screenshot, the search interface is becoming more like the start menu, making it easier and faster to find certain things. For example, you can easily find an application on the main page of a search, instead of searching for an application in the taskbar or start.

In addition, Microsoft promises to personalize the experience through users' work and school accounts.

The new search for Windows 11 isn't perfect, though, and there are still some annoying points.

For example, Win11 search still does not support the reverse search function provided in Win10.

For example, Win11 search accuracy is very problematic, often unable to display the correct items in the search results. When a user searches the application, the search displays results from the network and ignores local results.

In response, Microsoft said it was working to improve Windows search, including additional fixes in one of the latest Windows 11 preview releases to speed up search.

While admittedly, search is now slightly better in the latest version of Win11 Search, it still has problems and sometimes it doesn't provide accurate results related to search queries.

In the example above, Windows search shows the Steam application Settings file in the results, not the application itself.

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