Windows 11 KB5034204 patch causes trouble: crashes, won’t load

It's long been no news that Windows Update patches get into all kinds of trouble, but the latest Windows 11 23H2/22H2 optional update patch, KB5034204, got into a bit of trouble.

It does fix a few issues, such as a better search bar in the Start Menu, but according to users everywhere, it has more problematic issues:

1. It won't install.

The installation process was close to 100% when it reported an error about a missing file with the error code 0x8007000d, and the system then automatically rolled back the restore.

Even some users can not download it at all.

2. Explorer crashes.

Users with a successful installation may experience Explorer losing response, both after a successful and failed installation, and with varying symptoms.

Some desktops turn into a white screen for a short period of time and then recover.

Some have pop-up error messages indicating explorer.exe process errors and crashes.

Some can't click on desktop icons such as this computer, recycle bin, or even taskbar icons.

3. The taskbar crashes.

The taskbar disappears directly, and reappears after clicking Win+X shortcut, but the start menu cannot be popped up, and no matter the mouse clicks on the icon, or the keyboard keystrokes, it is unresponsive.

There are also users who suggested that they encountered the problem of AggregatorHost.exe prompting an error, followed by repeated reboots.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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