Windows 11 build 25174 comes with the new Game Pass widget

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25174 to the Dev Channel. It has no new big features to offer, so it may not excite the average insider; nevertheless, it could be an exciting highlight for insiders who like to play Xbox games thanks to the addition of the new Game Pass gadget.

This widget can be added to the Windows 11 widget panel and it will give you some handy insights about the latest added games and games that are leaving the service. It will also show the highlighted categories of games. And, unlike other widgets that will just take you to the web when you click on them, the new widget preview will link you to the actual Xbox app, where you can review and install games.

In the future, Microsoft says it has plans to further improve the gadget's functionality, such as allowing PC users to log into their Xbox profile for easy access to recently played games and to get personalized title recommendations.

Another detail about the new release is that the File Explorer app is able to open folders in a new tab by clicking on the middle of the mouse.

As usual, the release comes with a lot of fixes and some known issues.

Author: King
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