Windows 11 24H2 moves more features to “Settings”

According to media reports, in the latest preview of Windows 11 24H2, Microsoft has moved more features to Settings to accelerate the "de-control panelization".

Starting with version 24H2, laptops will be able to change the Power Button, Sleep Button, and Lid Settings options directly in Settings, whereas before this was only possible in the Control Panel.

For desktop users, however, only the Power Button Controls option will be displayed, but there is no hibernation option in the drop-down menu.

Microsoft has also moved Color Management to Settings, and replaced the old page with a new one that makes it easier for users to add and remove display color profiles.

Not only that, but the option to directly delete a storage pool is now included in the settings; previously, users could only do this in the Control Panel.

Moreover, "Control Panel" requires administrative privileges to delete storage pools, but "Settings" does not require administrative privileges to delete storage pools.

In this regard, some netizens said, work in Microsoft is really cool, a control panel transplanted for ten years, but not half transplanted.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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