Win7 is really insecure Hackers use calculators to easily crack

Released in 2009, Win7 is one of the most successful systems in Microsoft's history. Even though support was discontinued two years ago, there are still many personal and business users using Win7, but its security protection technology is outdated and can now be easily cracked by hackers using a modified calculator app.

According to anonymous users who announced that their team successfully cracked Win7 using the Calculator app, hackers created a Qbot Trojan app tailored for Win7. Users would receive an email with a zip document inside, and once they were induced to open the document, the Trojan would create a clone of the Calculator app.

This fake calculator application will be recognized by Win7 as a security application, however it is actually a Trojan horse that can access the user's sensitive data, including names, emails, photos, videos and other information, and can also take control of the user's computer to continue spreading malicious emails to the outside world.

The good news is that this crack is for the Win7 system, and the vulnerability it exploits is proprietary to Win7 and does not affect other newer systems for the time being, so users who are still using Win7 should be careful.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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