Win11 released build 25252 preview update

Today, Microsoft, which finally rested after the Thanksgiving holiday, released the latest build 25252 preview to the Dev channel, once again enhancing the already conspicuous taskbar search box.

In the new version, Microsoft has once again tried to adjust and increase the taskbar search box, which now turns from the original rounded rectangle to a rectangle, closer in appearance to the design of Win10.

win11 released build 25252 preview update

However, from the changelog, users can also choose to change the way search is handled on the taskbar under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar item if they want.

In addition to the new taskbar search box, the new version has optimized the network icon, which adds a virtual private network status to the system tray when the user connects to a recognized virtual private network profile.

win11 released build 25252 preview update 1

In addition to the new features, this update also has fixes for a number of known issues in previous versions, as follows:

1. Taskbar and system tray.

-Fixed the issue of explorer.exe crashing when using Alt+F4 and opening the Show hidden icons flyout in the system tray.

-Fixed multiple explorer.exe crashes that affected system tray performance.

-Updated the tooltip for the battery icon to let you know if your device is charging slowly.

-Made a small improvement for tablet-optimized taskbar users to make it easier to expand the taskbar without invoking the start menu.

-Fixed an issue that could cause the taskbar jump list and preview thumbnails to not appear in the right place for insiders using 2-in-1 computers.

2. Start Menu

-Fixed an issue that caused folders in the Start Menu to fail to open on the first try.

3. Other

-Fixed an issue that caused some Insiders to see an error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error check after upgrading to a previous flight.

-Fixed an issue that caused some applications (including the media player) to crash when playing media in the background during a recent flight.

-Fixed an issue that could cause the computer to go to sleep, even though it was configured not to sleep.

-Fixed an issue that caused network-to-local copying (e.g., when copying files from a network share) to be slower than some users expected.

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