Win11 new multi-label file manager save memory

Microsoft Windows 11 has finally launched the File Explorer Tab in the fall release of SunValley 2 (version 22H2), which is now available to preview users.

According to WindowsLatest, tab-supported file Explorer uses less memory than the original File explorer for Windows 11. Foreign media observed this in tests, and some users reported similar results.

For example, if you start a new TAB, the file Explorer process will only add a few MB of memory footprint. This improvement will be especially useful for users who have a habit of opening multiple instances/Windows of file Explorer.

While updates are being rolled out in phases, Microsoft is still likely to further enhance file Explorer's performance. When Windows 11 22H2 rolls out to the public in the fall, expect everyone to get this feature immediately.

Windows 11's File Explorer Tab allows users to better manage files and also introduces a new layout of the left navigation pane that allows users to easily navigate to important folders.

The updated organization has easy access to fixed and frequently used folders (quick access) as well as OneDrive cloud profiles added to Windows.

Known Windows folders that are available by default in the navigation pane are no longer displayed under this PC. When the user navigates to OneDrive folders (such as documents, images, etc.), the correct path is displayed in the address bar to identify whether the folder is local or cloud.

Author: King
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