Win11 hardware requirements increased after almost half of the PC was rejected: can not be upgraded

Have you upgraded your Windows 11 system?

According to Microsoft, the combined size of Win10 and Win11 users is 1.4 billion, and obviously, Win10 still accounts for the majority. This is not only because Win11 was launched less than two years ago, there is also a key point, Win11's hardware requirements have increased.

Data from the three-party agency Lansweeper even pointed out that about 43% of computers are unable to upgrade Win11 system.

Specifically, Lansweeper tested about 27 million PCs in 60,000 unit organizations, of which as many as 42.76% did not pass the CPU hardware requirements test of Win11, and 14.66% did not pass the TPM test, although the previous figure is already much better than the 57.26% a year ago.

It is reported that Lansweeper serves big customers including Sony, Pepsi, MIT, Hilton Hotels and so on.

It is worth mentioning that the research also shows that Win11 now has an adoption rate of about 1.44% among enterprise customers, up from 0.52% in January, and its popularity has surpassed that of Win7/Win8.

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