Win11 driver can be traced back to 1968: Microsoft made a statement in response

Recently, some users pointed out that in the Win11 update, received a driver named "INTEL - System", the date of the driver can be dated back to 1968.

No coincidence, according to feedback, in Win11 and Win10, there is a part of the "old" drivers, and some users worry about whether these old drivers will have an impact on the stability of the system today.

In response, Microsoft responded with a blog post stating that these drivers came from PC hardware providers.

According to Microsoft, all drivers in Windows have three sources, which in addition to the drivers released by Microsoft itself, there are drivers released by hardware companies such as Intel/NVIDIA, as well as custom drivers released by PC manufacturers.

As many people have heard, Microsoft set the date of all self-released drivers to June 21, 2006 in order to ensure no compatibility problems, while all manufacturer drivers have a higher priority than Microsoft drivers, also to ensure compatibility.

To the emergence of the "ancient" drivers, for example, this batch of drivers from 1968 is provided by Intel, they are also to avoid compatibility problems for the reason that the date of their own drivers set to the establishment of Intel in 1968.

Intel also said that users do not need to worry about this situation, because the driver itself is only a support tool, and will not override any other drivers, and will not affect the use of the user.

Author: King
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