Win11 Android subsystem WSA with Andoid 13: can transfer files to and from Windows

As one of the key new features of Win11, Microsoft has been maintaining updates for the Android subsystem WSA and will update the roadmap on Github regularly.

According to the information shown after Microsoft recently updated the roadmap, WSA will be updated once soon to upgrade the system to Andoid 13.


The native Andoid 13 release brings new theme options, icons, and a host of other features, but it's unclear what features Andoid 13 on WSA will retain.

In addition to the Andoid version number upgrade, the roadmap also shows that in subsequent versions, WSA will support file transfer between and Windows system, and will include screenshots, picture-in-picture, default local network access, and a lot of other usage updates.

Currently, the roadmap does not show the specific push time for the above updates, but it should not take long.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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