Win11 22H2 has a new problem: “hidden function” causes the game to lag and drop frames

Recently, Microsoft updated the known problems of Win11 22H2 version, adding a new problem again on top of the original one.

According to user feedback, the problem will lead to the affected game lag, frame rate drops significantly and other problems, and may appear screen screen tearing situation.

For the reason of the problem, Microsoft said it is because the system, the "CPU performance debugging" function, which is not planned to be provided to consumers, was unintentionally started by the game.

CPU performance debugging is a "hidden feature" in Win11, its purpose is to play a supporting role in the coordination of developers in the optimization of the game.

However, in the latest version 22H2, some games will automatically enter this mode after startup, which then leads to performance problems such as lagging and frame drops.

For players who have encountered the problem, Microsoft recommends upgrading the system, game and related drivers to the latest version, and if the problem is not solved, you can roll back to an older system version to temporarily circumvent the problem.

As for Microsoft officials, the problem will be fixed in subsequent versions.

Author: King
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