Win11 22H2 and new bugs: eject USB devices into a “problem”

Recently, Microsoft released the 22H2 major version update of Win11. As the first major change of Win11, 22H2 has been tested for more than half a year before the official version was launched, but from the result, it does not bring a more stable "official" system for users.

Recently, Deskmodder found that Win11 22H2 has an occupancy conflict bug, when the user opens the task manager, will not be able to safely eject the USB device.

After testing, after opening Task Manager and being in the "Process" menu, the system will prompt "A program is using it" and suggest the user to try again after closing all programs that may be using the device.

win11 22h2 and new bugs eject usb devices into a problem

And if the user closes Task Manager and then performs the eject operation, he or she will be able to eject the device without any problems.

win11 22h2 and new bugs eject usb devices into a problem 1

Microsoft has not yet made any response to the bug, and users have not found the cause of the problem and the solution.

At this stage, if you encounter the same problem, the only way to properly pop up USB devices is to adjust the Task Manager to a page other than "Processes" or to directly close the Task Manager.

Author: King
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