Win10 digital activation software hacked with virus: Korean netizens hurt the most

Microsoft's Win10 is still free to upgrade, just many users still rely on the activation tools downloaded online, of which Win10 Digital Activation digital activation program is very popular, but also this is targeted by hackers, some software has been implanted with a virus, once hit is very troublesome.

According to the security company, the activation file after the hacker implanted the virus includes files such as W10DigitalActivation.msi, W10DigitalActivation_Temp.msi and W10DigitalActivation.exe, of which W10DigitalActivation.msi is a normal activation tool, Temp.msi is a virus, running the exe program will execute two programs at the same time, which will lead to poisoning.

The virus file is very cunning, after running will become automatic start, will also hide its own program in the security / antivirus software exclusion, resulting in many people do not even know they are poisoned, the concealment is very high.

But this time the hacker implanted virus may not be very harmful, because at present are circulating in the Korean website, using also the Korean company's network disk to spread the file, security companies believe that the current victims are mainly Korean Internet users, other regions spread is not big.

Author: King
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