“We deeply apologize for suspending all related services on July 30,” airbnb said in response to its withdrawal from mainland China

Earlier today, it was announced that airbnb, the home-stay giant, will pull out of the Chinese mainland market, keeping only an office with several hundred employees in Beijing.

At present, Airbnb posted a letter to Chinese Users on its official website in response to the rumors, confirming the news of its imminent withdrawal from the domestic market.

Link: https://www.airbnb.cn/landing-page?id=china_pp_guest_landing_page_desktop&source=marquee

According to the open letter, starting from 11 am today, users will not be able to book rooms on the platform or participate in the experience of mainland housing on July 29 and after; After July 25, users will not be able to book any housing on the platform in mainland China.

By July 30, all listings and related services in the mainland will be suspended.

All deposits, coupons and travel funds used after July 20 will be returned in full.

Airbnb officials said that after the change, the company will fully provide outbound travel services, so the booking and service of outbound travel properties or experiences will not be affected, and users can use gift coupons, travel funds and other items in outbound travel.

Airbnb said it was "deeply sorry" for its decision to pull out of the domestic market and the inconvenience caused to users, but did not give a clear reason.

As the first choice for many users to book homestay, airbnb's withdrawal will bring a reshuffle of the domestic homestay booking market, and it will be an opportunity for other homestay brands.

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