vivo X70 series the new top imaging flagship

This evening at 19:30, vivo X70 series will be officially launched.

The launch will introduce three new products, vivo X70, vivo X70 Pro and vivo X70 Pro+, the series of products will image as an important selling point.

This afternoon, Vivo product manager Zhao Dian warmed up for the new X70 series.

Zhao Dian revealed that the Vivo X70 series is positioned as the top image flagship, which has everything that everyone expects this time to meet at once.

Zhao Deng pointed out that it is not easy to create a top image flagship that has everything. The supply chain, devices and R&D costs really remind the product team all the time how much pressure they are under.

The final pricing may not satisfy everyone, but we have worked really hard for a long time, and after the launch, whether you buy or not, I hope you can give a nod to this comprehensive product.

Specifications, Vivo X70 series up to 2K Samsung E5 AMOLED full-screen, Pro + version equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus flagship processor, Pro version equipped with Exynos 1080 flagship processor.

Currently the machine has been opened in the major e-commerce platform reservation, is expected to open pre-sale after the end of the conference tonight.

Author: King
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