Users complained that Apple cut corners on the quality of the iPad Air5 seriously shrink?

Some users who have just received the iPad Air 5 have started to spout off, saying that Apple has cut corners and the workmanship of the new machine is poor to the point where users feel the same way?

Citing the earliest reports from tech media iMore, a user on the Reddit community said there were problems with the workmanship of the iPad Air 5. The poster said he ordered 2 units of the blue model and found that the aluminum back panel was much thinner than the iPad Air 4.

The user added that "when you hold the device, you can almost feel the battery through the plate."

The user wasn't the only one who noticed this phenomenon, others also mentioned the same problem in their posts. One user provided a video demonstrating the same squeaky sound.

Summing up these user complaints, the new iPad Air 5 suffers from workmanship issues, with the thin aluminum casing causing an audible squeaking sound when held. Apple tends to make its products as thin as possible while maintaining structural integrity.

What does everyone think about this?

Author: King
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