Unified charging interface or let Apple lose 10 billion a year

Recently, a new regulation of the European Union to unify the charging interface has made Apple stand in the limelight. Dale You, a researcher at the Star Chart Financial Research Institute, believes that Apple has been an opponent of the unified charging interface, with complex reasons behind it.

unified charging interface or let apple lose 10 billion a year

It is reported that the Lightning interface was born in 2012, positive and negative use can work properly, at the time, the introduction of this interface is undoubtedly a major progress. But a decade in the data transmission technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, Apple still insists on using this interface.

Apple gave the reason, one is to force the industry to adopt the same charging specifications through administrative instructions will hinder innovation, but more should let the market to choose what kind of charging interface to use, multiple charging specifications and protocols may subsequently develop more, more advanced charging devices; Second, environmental protection, the existing Lighting accessories and universal standards are not compatible, and the current market in different industries such as musical instruments tuning Peripherals, DJ peripherals and other music areas there are still a large number of peripheral devices, as well as the old Apple stock.

Once the switch to a new charging interface, these devices will inevitably be abandoned, some charging devices will also face elimination, causing harm to the environment; other reasons may also include Type-C interface compared to Lighting larger, for inches of consumer electronics will take up internal space, the mold also needs to be replaced, the loss is not worth the gain.

According to the analysis, the more important reason for Apple's move is that this industry chain alone has brought huge benefits to Apple, and by charging the MFi (Made For iOS) license certification fee, the annual profit may be more than ten billion yuan, so Apple will not give up such a huge cake, which may be the most important and deeper reason.

In this regard, some netizens said: "Apple does everything to pull environmental protection, all said and done is not to sell high-priced low chargers to make money" "for the sake of profit, regardless of the user experience" "said for environmental protection is a bit far-fetched, Apple to environmental protection In the name of environmental protection has shrunk too much" "I hope that the domestic also give notice to Apple, to be listed and sold must be changed Type-C mouth.

The latest news shows that Apple will not wait until the last possible moment, the iPhone 14 series should be the last in the family with Lightning interface products.

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