TSMC OEM! 4nm process: Dimensity 8000 series benchmarking Qualcomm 8 series

At the beginning of this year, Mediatek launched the Dimensity 8000 series light flagship 5G mobile platform, which contains the Dimensity 8100 chip and the Breguet 8000 chip.

Both chips are built using TSMC's 5nm process and are designed with 8-core CPU architecture. Among them, the Dimensity 8100 is equipped with four A78 cores at 2.85ghz and four A55 energy efficiency cores. The Dimensity 8000, which is positioned slightly lower than the Dimensity 8100, is only 2.75ghz.

Recently, the famous breaking big V revealed that Dimensity 8000 series chip iteration not only uses TSMC 4nm process, but also strengthens 5G baseband, ISP, AI computing power and other peripheral specifications. To be precise, it should be part of the characteristics of Dimensity 9000. At present, red rice, RealME and other manufacturers have opened the case test.

As a flagship phone chip released last year, The Dimensity 9000 received good reviews from users after its launch, although some of its rivals' poor performance caused users to lose confidence in it and switch to the Dimensity 9000.

Dimensity 9000 adopts TSMC's 4nm advanced manufacturing process, with a total of eight CPU cores: one X2 supercore with a main frequency of 3.05ghz, three A710 supercore with a main frequency of 2.85ghz, and four A510 energy efficiency cores with a main frequency of 1.8ghz, with a cache of 8MBL3+6MBSLC.

The Dimensity 9000 has a built-in Arm Mali-G710 10-core GPU and supports LPDDR5X memory with a transfer rate of up to 7500Mbps. Dimensity 9000 also integrates MediaTek's fifth-generation AI processor, APU590, with an energy-efficient AI architecture design that delivers a four-fold increase in performance and energy efficiency over its predecessor.

From the perspective of the Parameters of the Dimensity 9000, even partial feature reduction can give the new processor of the Dimensity 8000 series a huge boost. Once upon a time, mediatek's chip was ridiculed by netizens in the machine circle as a fight that could not be helped, and there was even a heroic scene of "one nuclear is in trouble, nine nuclear onlookers".

Now Mediatek woke up, offering a big kill Phecda series, finally do high-end, and in this year with Dimensity 9000+ strong performance successfully surpassed rivals become the strongest Android core.

Considering that TSMC will mass-produce 3nm chips in the second half of the year, it is reasonable to iteratively use THE 4nm process technology of Dimensity 8000 series, after all, the most advanced process has to be reserved for Dimensity 9000 series.

But now Qualcomm has also fully handed over orders to TSMC. In the second half of this year, The Snapdragon 8 Gen2 will be launched using TSMC's 3nm manufacturing process. Mediatek will face a battle with Qualcomm, and I don't know whether mediatek can keep the top position in the Android camp next year.

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