The upgrade rate of iOS 16 has increased dramatically, far exceeding that of iOS 15 in the same period: battery life is improved and smoother

Judging from the current user feedback, iOS 16 improves the battery life of the device, and the system fluency is better, which also causes its update rate to be much higher than that of iOS 15 in the same period.

According to Mixpanel, 24 hours after its release on September 12, iOS 16 has been downloaded by 6.71% of users so far. This is an increase from 6.48% on the first day of iOS 15. However, the numbers for iOS 14 beat the previous two, with 9.22% of users downloading it on the first day.

the upgrade rate of ios 16 has increased dramatically far exceeding that of ios 15 in the same period battery life is improved and smoother

Apple's website, which reviews iOS 15, says 89 percent of all devices launched in the past four years run the version, while 82 percent of all devices use iOS 15.

Apple has introduced a noticeable change in the way it releases updates, starting with iOS 15. It didn't force iOS 14 users to upgrade. Instead, the iPhone offers a choice of two software update versions in the settings.

Customers can continue to use iOS 14 while receiving the latest security updates, with the option to upgrade to iOS 15 if they wish.

This choice likely affected Day One adoption, and given that there is still an option to stay on iOS 15 for now, so may iOS 16. But Apple continues to choose to support the iPhone broadly, and iOS 16 can be installed on the iPhone 8 and later.

Some netizens joked before that iOS 16 with the battery percentage added is an "epic update", and it is also necessary to upgrade for this...

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