The Pixel 7 Pro, as yet unreleased, was used for three weeks before it was remotely bricked by Google

On June 2, a Reddit user claimed to have bought a Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype from Facebook Marketplace, 9to5Google reported. The seller may have sold the device as "Google Pixel 6 Pro" in order to avoid being detected by Google, only for netizens to receive it and discover it was an unreleased Pixel 7 Pro.

The user said it took three weeks for his Pixel 7 Pro to be locked by Google, the data inside the phone was wiped remotely, and the phone is now stuck in "Fast Mode" and unusable.

9to5Google confirmed it was an unreleased Pixel 7 Pro by pointing out that the phone's "Fast Mode" Mode had the code name "Cheetah."

According to the source, the Pixel 7 Pro has a 6.7-inch 2K OLED screen, supplied by Samsung, has a Tensor 2 chip, three cameras in the back, including main camera, ultra-wide Angle and telepaep, and comes with Android 13.

It will be released around October.

Author: King
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