The official website of the real photo samples set off the 2022 iPhone SE value for money

At the spring event on March 9 at 2am Beijing time, Apple finally unveiled the long-awaited 2022 iPhone SE entry-level smartphone. With the support of A15 bionic chip, we are also curious about the camera performance of the device. The iPhone SE (2022) still lives up to the expectations from the official sample photos shared.

Despite not forcing down more and more powerful lenses, Apple has generously downgraded many features to the 2022 iPhone SE.

Thanks to the power of the A15 Bionic chip, it's capable of processing photos and videos the moment you press the shutter and delivering better finished movies to users than the previous iPhone SE.

We're already blown away by the official website samples (portal), but the 2022 iPhone SE also comes with Porrtrait Mode and Deep Fusion.

Combined with the A15 Bionic chip and Computational Photography, iPhone SE (2022) delivers beautiful, crisp results in both bright and dark scenes.

For the demanding, iPhone SE (2022) may still not offer the same image quality as high-end cameras.

But the reality is that the iPhone SE (2022) starts at just $429 (3,499 RMB in China) and is smaller, more portable, and more versatile.

Considering the abundance of scenarios, the iPhone SE (2022) definitely has an added bonus, at least when it comes to the shooting experience.

It should be noted that only compressed JPEG image samples are included in this article.

For a more detailed look at the original images, please go to Apple's website.

Author: King
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