The new flagship of Xiaomi will be equipped with super 150W fast charging

In recent days, OPPO announced at the Ba exhibition 150W fast charging, as well as 240W fast charging, the fastest can be filled in 9 minutes phone, and said 150W will achieve mass production in the second quarter, a plus, realme, OPPO will launch the corresponding models.

And the last two years a in the field of fast charging Xiaomi, also rumored more than 150W fast charging technology news.

This morning, well-known exposé blogger @digitalstation posted an article revealing the new Xiaomi machine said: "the new flagship measured by the large battery super 100 watts program currently power said 150, but landing nominal power may be higher".

It is worth noting that this is not a technology still under development, he also hinted in his comments that this fast charging technology of more than 150W is likely to achieve mass production in the second half of the year.

According to Xiaomi's product planning route, the main focus in the first half of the year will be the Xiaomi 12 digital series, followed by the Xiaomi 12 Ultra oversized cup model, but the main point of interest is the image part of the upgrade, in terms of charging is expected to maintain the Xiaomi 12 Pro 120W surging second charge.

And in the second half of the year will be the home of the Xiaomi MIX series, and last year Xiaomi has made clear the positioning of the MIX series, which is not the ultimate heap of material bucket flagship for all users, but will carry some innovative technology of new technologies, such as under-screen front camera, super fast charging got.

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