The most beautiful phone is updated! Xiaomi Civi 1S confirmed

April 17 evening news, Xiaomi Civi beautiful product manager @馨心_Mia officially sunshine Xiaomi Civi 1S microblog tail, and warm up "see you tomorrow".

The official release time of the machine should be given tomorrow, but of course, there is a small possibility that it will be released directly online.

The main upgrade of Xiaomi Civi 1S is to upgrade to a higher frequency Snapdragon 778G Plus processor, wired fast charging upgrade to 67W, etc.

Civi commercial video:

Through the official promotional video can be seen, Xiaomi Civi 1S this time the white body is not pure white effect, but through a special process, on top of the pure white color scheme and bring a gradient glitter diamond texture, to achieve a self-blinging shimmering effect, looks very fashionable.

The rear camera part is exactly the same as the previous generation design, using a two-segment triple camera scheme, the body frosted CD pattern diffusion of light and shadow effect, it is from here, so that the entire body reflects a rainbow of seven colors, girls see it is difficult not to be impressed.

However, as far as the rumors are concerned, there is also a saying that the new Civi will switch to a back shape similar to the Xiaomi 12, it is not clear whether it corresponds to the Civi 1S or the Civi 2 at a later date.

In terms of price, there are predictions of $2599 for the 8G+128G version, $2899 for the 8G+256G version and $3199 for the 12G+256G version.

The current Civi has a mid-range configuration but has stunned netizens with its exterior design and is known as the best looking phone in Xiaomi's history.

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