The Galaxy Z Fold 4/Z Flip 4 sold in Brazil will come with a charger

Samsung no longer ships chargers with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and The Galaxy Z Flip 3, citing environmental concerns and reducing the company's financial burden. But under Brazilian law, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 will come with chargers included in their packages.

According to screenshots released by whistleblower Abhishek Yadav, The Dual SIM version of Galaxy Z Fold 4 (model "SM-F936B/DS") and the single SIM version of Galaxy Z Flip 4 (model "SM-F721B") have been certified by Brazilian regulatory agency ANATEL. Both models are equipped with chargers in the certification information.

Over the past few years, Brazil has been asking for chargers and earphones from the likes of Apple and Samsung. The country's regulator said consumers were paying too high a price for these flagships, and the lack of such extras in the packaging meant consumers had to pay more. According to local law, consumers are not required to buy an additional aftercharger.

Samsung could face very high fines if it fails to comply with the Brazilian rule. If Samsung pulls out of The Brazilian market because it is unwilling to comply with Brazilian laws, it will make room for other competitors such as Apple. So Samsung will abide by Brazilian regulations.

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