Tesla’s Valentine’s Day benefit : New colorful charging post panels

On February 14, just in time for Valentine's Day, Tesla launched the "Third Generation Home Chargers Glow Panel Service Package", which offers four colors of colored glass panels: cool silver, deep sea blue, Chinese red, and pure black, and is priced at 1,000 RMB, including installation cost.

According to Tesla's official introduction, the newly launched third-generation Home Charging Station colored glass panel can perfectly match the color of the vehicle, and the cover is a tempered glass panel, retaining the original craft design.

After purchasing the "Third Generation Home Charging Pile Color Panel Service Package", consumers will receive a glass panel of the corresponding color, an accessory kit (containing two panel fixing screws) and a service to replace the panel at home.

In fact, at the end of last year, Tesla had the service on the shelves overseas for $100, or about 635 yuan.

Tesla's third-generation standard model of home charger costs 8,000 yuan, and if you buy the special color version, you need to add another 1,000 yuan, for a total price of 9,000 yuan.

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