Taking over from Office: Microsoft debuts new Microsoft 365 app

Not long ago, Microsoft announced at lgnite 2022 that it would launch a new Microsoft 365 application to replace the current Office application.

Today, Microsoft showed the interface and some of the features of the new Microsoft 365 application for the first time.

From the official display, Microsoft 365 application interface design can obviously see the shadow of the current Office application, the same orange color as the main color, the function of each page is basically the same.

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On the home page, users can view recent applications or browse the content suggested by Microsoft; in addition, the application can also be used to create and manage files, or view the applications within the scope of Microsoft 365.

Unlike Office, Microsoft 365 has added some new features related to user collaboration, and can improve the efficiency of collaboration between users to a certain extent.

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From the current official public information, in the following months, including PC and mobile end Office applications will be renamed Microsoft 365, but the previous buyout system Office services will not disappear, users will still be able to buy directly.

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