Southern tourists bring their iPhones to Harbin to play: 60% power loss at once!

Recently Harbin's famous ice sculpture festival opened, the spectacular scenery in the snow and ice attracted countless southern tourists to play.

However, many southern tourists encountered a very headache problem: cell phone power loss.

Recently there was an iPhone user said his phone suddenly dropped 60%, seeking a cell phone repair store to solve the problem, the results of the store owner said that this is very normal in the north.

The owner also said that the recent warming of the weather, before more than 20 degrees below zero when the phone will even directly black screen.

Finally, the owner also gave a trick, you can stick on the back of the phone warm stickers to keep warm, so that there will not be a sudden and substantial power loss or black screen problem, at the same time, the phone should not be installed in the pants pocket, but try to install the chest in the inner pocket, you can keep warm.

In fact, this situation is determined by the characteristics of lithium batteries, and does not represent the quality of the phone is not good.

Lithium battery discharge is a chemical reaction process, the principle of which is that the negative electrode of the lithium battery is stripped of lithium ions through a chemical reaction, and the lithium ions are transported and embedded in the positive electrode through the electrolyte solution, thus generating an electric current to supply power to the cell phone.

The lower temperature in winter increases the viscosity of the electrolyte solution, resulting in poorer ability of lithium ions to cross the solution, lower activity and increased resistance.

This causes the battery discharge voltage to decrease, thus making the usable capacity of the battery lower and causing the cell phone to consume power faster.

Author: King
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