Sources say AMD Ryzen 7000 is almost certain to launch in September

AMD further introduced the 5nm Zen4 architecture Ryzen 7000 at the Financial Analysts Conference earlier this month, with 8-10% IPC performance improvement, 15% single-core performance improvement, 35% overall performance improvement, full support for PCIe 5 and DDR5, the maximum is still 16 core 32 threads.

The remaining key information of Ryzen 7000 is the launch date and price, before a domestic channel business accidentally broke the news in a conference on September 15 launch, triggered hot discussion, this time point with AMD said the fall launch is also very consistent.

In another revelation that Moore's Law is dead, MLD has detailed plans for the Ryzen 7000, which will have a briefing for AMD partners in early August and a formal press conference in late August.

While MLD says he doesn't have an exact launch date for the Ryzen 7000, he's almost certain to confirm September.

Intell's 13th-generation Core Raptor Lake, the ryzen 7000's most important rival, may arrive later, in October.

As for the price of ryzen 7000, what appear on the market in the first batch is said to be the sharp dragon 9 7950X of 16 cores 32 threads, the sharp dragon 9 7900X of 12 cores 24 threads, the sharp dragon 7 7800X of 8 cores 16 threads and the sharp dragon 5 7600X of 6 cores 12 threads, among them the price of flagship 7950X is 5999 yuan.

This price is still cheaper than the RMB 6,099 for the ryzen 5000 5950X, which means that AMD is unlikely to continue to raise prices this year. After all, the environment is different, and the ryzen 7000's performance has almost completely surpassed that of the 10th and 11th generation Core.

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