SONY Japan announces 8% price increase of 129 products including cameras

Today, Sony announced that it will revise the shipping prices and suggested retail prices of hundreds of products sold in Japan from September 1, with an average increase of about 8%.

The price increase will cover 129 products including digital mirrorless cameras, R snap mirrorless cameras, Blu-ray disc recorders, video cameras, radios, and portable audio players.

According to Sony's official statement, the price adjustment is in response to the increase in raw material, manufacturing and logistics costs caused by recent changes in the external environment.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time Sony Japan has announced a price increase this year.

In April of this year, Sony Japan announced that due to insufficient semiconductor chips, rising manufacturing and logistics costs, etc., it would increase the price of products including Blu-ray players, SLR cameras, video cameras, headphones, portable audio players, speakers, and radios. The range is between 3-31%.

This means that some products have already increased their prices for the second time this year, which will inevitably lead to further increases in the prices of Sony products in overseas shopping.

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