Snapdragon 8 Plus flagship using TSMC 4nm Q3 batch debut

Although the performance of Qualcomm's new generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip this year is very strong, the overall specifications reached the industry's peak level, but the use of Samsung 4nm process is considered the biggest failure.

This is mainly because TSMC 4nm process compared to Samsung's 4nm process to be more mature, stable, to reduce power consumption, heat and other effects, to bring a better experience, the ultimate performance output should also be stronger.

According to previous news, Qualcomm will launch the Plus version with TSMC 4nm process in the second half of this year, currently called Snapdragon 8 Plus by netizens.

The latest news from the bloggers, TSMC version of Snapdragon 8 will be available in Q3 quarter batch, that is, after July, some flagships in the second half of the year have the opportunity to be equipped, such as Xiaomi MIX 5, a plus 10T and so on.

It is worth mentioning that there are rumors that the new version of Snapdragon 8 may still be the first to be grabbed by Motorola, and will bring another surprise in price.

Previously there has been news about this new machine, reports say Motorola's next flagship new machine is being tested, it will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 processor (SM8475) manufactured by TSMC 4nm process, and will also use 200 million pixel rear camera.

At the same time, the machine will also carry a 6.67-inch FHD LCD screen, supporting a high refresh rate of 144Hz. The secondary camera will be a 50-megapixel ultra wide-angle, and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens.

In addition, the fast charging will be further upgraded to support 50W wireless charging and 125W fast charging.

Overall, Motorola's new machine should be a top flagship that is full of all aspects of pulling, not the same as the previous main line of ultra-low price/performance ratio, very worth looking forward to.

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