Since Win95 Microsoft open source 27 years ago 3D Movie Maker software

Microsoft has done another good thing, this time 27 years ago, the 3D Movie Maker software open source, run the majority of enthusiasts to modify the 3D animation software.

3D Movie Maker software was introduced along with Win95 system, mainly to show the latter's 3D function, which is a software that can create 3D animation, although the function is relatively basic, but the victory is simple, easy to use, children can follow the learning.

Using 3D Movie Maker software, users can add up to 40 characters, set up their own actions, add audio, and also use the microphone to record off-screen audio, and finally generate an animation that meets the 1995 standard - at a frame rate of 6fps.

Of course, 3D Movie Maker software has not been updated for many years, Microsoft itself said it is unlikely to support the current hardware and software, so they choose to open source, interested developers can modify their own.

Not surprisingly, it should not be long before there are enthusiastic users of the magic of 3D Movie Maker software is released.

Author: King
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