Setapp, Apple’s third-party app store, begins inviting users to test it out

Today, MacPaw announced that it will launch Setapp, Apple's first third-party app store, in the European market this April.

The beta version of Setapp has already been released and interested users are being invited to test it, which will offer a variety of "hand-picked apps of all kinds," the official said.

Setapp, created by Ukrainian software company MacPaw, is understood to be a subscription-based service for MacOS and iOS apps.

Users pay a monthly subscription fee, which gives them access to a wide range of apps from different developers for the duration of the subscription.

Apple is expected to push iOS 17.4 next week, and the biggest change in this version is the support for sideloading, but this feature is limited to iPhone users in the 27 countries or regions covered by the European Union, while other regions do not have access to this feature.

There are three main changes to sideloading in iOS 17.4:

  • One is that Apple allows users to download apps from third-party app stores;
  • Two, third-party browsers can use web engines other than Apple WebKit on the iPhone;
  • Three, third-party wallet apps can access the iPhone's NFC chip.

Author: King
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