Samsung wrap-around screen phone exposure: industrial design stunning

March 21 news, letsgodigital exposed the Samsung wrap-around screen phone design patent, and according to the patent drawing of the Samsung Galaxy wrap-around screen phone rendering.

Similar to Xiaomi MIX Alpha, Samsung Galaxy wrap-around screen phone is wrapped by the screen, screen to body ratio of more than 100%, the visual effect is stunning.

Samsung wrap-around screen patent

It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy wrap-around screen phone supports the S Pen, while the camera is placed at the top of the screen. The MIX Alpha's camera is on the back of the body and is arranged vertically.

At present, Samsung's wrap-around screen phone is still in the patent stage, the future does not rule out the possibility of mass production of commercial use.

Samsung wrap-around screen phone concept rendering

It is worth noting that previously in September 2020, Xiaomi was the first to release a wrap-around screen phone, it is the aforementioned MIX Alpha. MIX Alpha body is surrounded by a whole screen, screen to body ratio of 180.6%.

In addition, the MIX Alpha uses a flexible under-screen fingerprint technology and removes the traditional earpiece and distance sensor from the top, replacing them with screen sound generation technology. It is also equipped with a high voltage drive linear motor to achieve a dual side pressure-sensitive screen to simulate the real button touch, replacing the physical lock button and volume keys.

In summary, from the actions of Xiaomi and Samsung, the wrap-around screen is a new track that manufacturers are laying out, worth looking forward to.

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