Samsung fires first shot at Galaxy AI charges in China

Samsung recently released the latest flagship phone Galaxy S24 series, the introduction of the new "Galaxy AI" features, focusing on real-time translation calls, writing assistant, notes assistant, that is, the circle that is the search and other AI features.

Unlike the overseas market, in the Chinese market, Samsung Galaxy S24's AI function is mainly realized through cooperation with Baidu, Meitu, WPS and so on.

Samsung in the January 18th release of the official Galaxy AI press release said, "until the end of 2025 Galaxy AI features will be available for free on supported Samsung Galaxy devices."

However, this promise has changed in the Chinese market, "notes assistant" function can only be used free of charge for 180 days, and later need to be charged.

According to media reports, Samsung authorized experience store staff said, WPS AI on the phone is mainly useful to use the intelligent voice assistant to write strategies, write plans, refine the main points of the document and so on.

Now after the purchase of the machine to receive the rights and interests, the function can be used free of charge within 180 days, but how the later will be charged is not yet notified.

While another staff member said, S23 series hereafter part of the AI function will be charged is true, the charge price of about one hundred dollars.

At the same time, samsung tmall official flagship store staff reply words also become: use part of the AI function before you need to log in samsung account, at present you can use the Galaxy Al function for free.

"In the future, Samsung may change some or all of its AI functions to paid services, third-party provision of Al functions based on the partner for paid services."

The current WPS AI service may have changed, and it is not known if future AI features with Meitu, Baidu and others will also produce changes.

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