Samsung announced that the 3nm chip has been mass-produced

Today, Samsung Electronics announced on its official website that its Hwaseong plant in South Korea has started mass production of 3nm semiconductor chips, making it the first company in the world to mass produce 3nm chips.

This means that Samsung succeeded in overtaking TSMC at the node of the new generation of chip technology and grabbed the 3nm chip market first.

According to Samsung, in the 3nm chip, it has abandoned the previous FinFET architecture and adopted the new GAA transistor architecture, which greatly improves the chip's power performance.

Compared to 5nm, the newly developed 3nm process can reduce power consumption by 45%, reduce area by 16%, and improve performance by 23%.

However, Samsung's success in the 3nm process does not mean it will have an easy time in the foundry market.

On the one hand, TSMC is planning to mass-produce 2nm chips by 2025, which means Samsung needs to step up its research and development work to avoid being overtaken by TSMC in the next generation of new technologies.

On the other hand, due to the power consumption of 4nm chips, important customers such as Qualcomm have kept a wait-and-see attitude towards Samsung's 3nm process, and dare not try it at will.

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