RTX 40 official performance sneak: an incredible 120% increase!

The NVIDIA RTX 40 series and AMD RX 7000 series graphics cards are getting closer, and there are more and more rumors about the former.

Today, the leaker QbitLeaks first gave a partial rendering of the RTX 4080 FE public version. It can be seen that the overall shape is basically unchanged, but the fan is larger, indicating that the power consumption has increased, but not too much.

rtx 40 official performance sneak an incredible 120 increase 1

More importantly, it gives an official NVIDIA performance improvement data sheet for the RTX 40 series, which is quite incredible.

This chart lists six popular games and three productivity software, all of which are deeply optimized for N cards, and compares the performance changes of RTX 40 and RTX 30.

In the game, the RTX 40 increase is at least 80% ("Minecraft"), up to 120% ("Thor's Hammer RTX"), and the average is around 100%!

In productivity creation, RTX 40 improves by 100-120%.

rtx 40 official performance sneak an incredible 120 increase

Of course, the authenticity of this chart cannot be fully confirmed, and it does not contain any graphics card model, test environment, frame rate data, optimization settings, etc., plus the official publicity has always been watery, just look at it.

How much do you think the actual improvement of RTX 40 can be?

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