RTX 3090 bricked by liquid metal corrosion: a good hand to bring it back from the dead

North West Repair, a renowned repair organization, recently rescued a bricked RTX 3090 graphics card, proving that even when corroded by liquid metal cooling material, it can still be salvaged.

Liquid metal cooling efficiency is much higher than the common silicone grease, but because it is a conductor, can conduct electricity, so there is also a great danger, in case of leakage or offset is easy to burn the circuit, the player's ability to do it requires a high degree of competence, a lot of the use of liquid metal laptop will be deliberately strengthened to protect the measures.

North West Repair received this RTX 3090 FE public card that hung up when the gamer attempted to replace the liquid metal, with no output signal whatsoever.

Inspection revealed that most of the circuitry was actually working fine, it was just the liquid metal that had seeped into the bottom of the GPU chip, as well as the two video memory chips next to it.

It's these two video memories that are hurt by the liquid gold.

The next step is "easy":

Use professional tools to heat up the GPU and the two RAMs to about 250°C, then remove them, clean them and the affected parts of the PCB, then re-ball and solder them.

Re-ball, or not, it turned out to be a video memory is not dealt with, so once again the above process.

Finally lit up!

Heated Chip

There's a piece of video memory that wasn't fixed the first time.

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